Affiliation (ISO):

The K.M.E.S English Medium High School and Junior College is recognized by the Department of Education, Government of Maharashtra and is affiliated to Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The institution also has an affiliation from Bureau of Indian standards and is IS/ISO-9001-2008 Certified.

Subject Combination:

English - First Language
Marathi - Second Language
Hindi/Urdu - Third Language

Social Science
Moral Education
Information Technology

Std IX/X:
Social Service
Personality Development
Environmental Science
Information & Communication
Environmental Education

Std V – X
Physical Education

Std V – VIII

The school adheres to the pattern of Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) for the students of std V to std VIII, as prescribed by the Board of studies.(RTE Act 2009)

Subjects available in Junior College(XI-XII):

A student has to offer a total of seven subjects.

English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory) English (Compulsory)
Hindi/Urdu Hindi/Urdu Hindi/ Urdu/ Information Technology
Psychology Book Keeping and Accountancy Physics
History Economics Chemistry
Sociology Organization of Commerce and Management Biology
Philosophy Secretarial Practice/ Mathematics Mathematics/ Psychology
Environmental Education (Compulsory) Environmental Education (Compulsory) Environmental Education (Compulsory)
Information Technology

The subject Information Technology has been introduced in the class XI/XII in the Science stream. The subject can be sought in place of one of the optional languages.
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