Class Rooms:

There are spacious class-rooms in the school as well as in the Junior College with enough light and sufficient ventilation. The desks in the class rooms are large enough to hold the belongings of the students and provide comfortable seating to them.

School Class Room College Class Room

Medical Facilities:

The KMES English Medium High School & Junior College avails of the medical facilities provided by the ‘Health Care Centre’ in the Campus. A team of dedicated doctors render their services to the students as well as the Staff members. Regular medical check-up of the students is undertaken and a proper health record is maintained every year. The Staff members also utilize these medical facilities and attend seminars organized by the Health Care Centre.

Medical Checkup Medical Checkup


The school library comprises of a huge room, well-lit, sufficiently ventilated and appropriate enough to arouse the interest of the students and inculcate reading habits among them. The Junior College also provides library facilities for the students and faculty members for reference work. The library operates according to the rules and regulations specified by the institution so that the students can derive optimum benefit from it.

School Library College Library


The School and Junior College possess well equipped laboratories with all the necessary apparatus and sophisticated equipments. In addition, the Junior college has a spacious and well furnished Information Technology laboratory too.


AV Room:

The School has an impressive Audio Visual Room and the students avail of this facility during specific periods allotted in the school Time-Table.



An Auditorium with a seating capacity of 500 guests is situated in the campus in G.M.Momin Womens’ College. Various Programmes, seminars, workshops are counducted in the auditorium on a regular basis.

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