Message from the Head Mistress of English Medium Primary School

  Over the years K.M.E.S. English Medium Primary School has grown from strength to strength and has evolved and grown according to the need of the community. We have changed from being a bridging school to a committed one to provide pupil with a high standard of education which will prepare them to be successfully placed in a high school and lay the foundation for their future achievements.
K.M.E.S. English Medium Primary School offers:
>> An education that is affordable and easily accessible in a safe and secure environment.
>> It offers qualified teachers and an excellent curriculum that is outcome based and focuses on independent thinking and problem solving skills.
>> It provides stability and a loving environment for our growing numbers of students.
>> To develop in our pupils moral values that will encourage them to live a life of service in which they will contribute to a quality of life.
>> To produce well rounded scholars who can take their place with confidence and dignity.
>> To improve our technology so that all our pupils and staff have assess to computers and the internet and to provide them with the skills to use these tools efficiently.
>> To improve our resources and facilities in order to maintain a standard of excellence.
K.M.E.S. English Medium Primary School has continued to grow and fulfill the needs of our pupils. We have continued to strive for excellence in all that we do, from teachers training to adapting and tweaking our curriculum so that we can offer our pupils and parents a first class education. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are prepared to change and learn from our mistakes. This has really paid off because our standard of teaching and learning is improving every year.
None of our success would be possible without ALLAH who leads us and blesses us in all that we do. He has certainly planted K.M.E.S. English Medium Primary School by the stream so that we can bear fruits in season and prosper. It has been an honour and a privilege for me to lead this amazing school, with its dedicated and professional staff and the beautiful and talented pupils that they teach.
The needs of the society are like an ocean and the service we render are mere drops. So I am now determined to add as many drops as I can and say to myself with contentment.
Each one of you is invaluable to me and
an integral part of the great creation. Each one beautifies the world in its own way.
Be yourself and play your part in the best possible way.
Mrs. Shabana Rauf Ansari

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