President's Message:

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 “Education is to equip young minds with tools to soar high & think beyond thinking”.
       Education is essential for every individual without education no country can prosper as it enables a man to realise his talents & understand his responsibilities to propel his personal growth & to make him a worthy citizen.
       Over the past decade, the environment of education has dramatically changed. We now live in an era where a critical understanding of the global dimensions to learning & development of students as global citizens are gaining importance. Quality education system with innovative teaching method is vital for achieving success in the global arena.
       In an attempt to provide quality service, our Institution strives to generate good citizens. Besides, our institution inculcates the social values in the students & ignites their minds to perform their best. We firmly believe in adherence to values that are most relevant to the academic community, anchored on the concept of integrity.
       I whole heartedly wish best of luck to all those who seek admission in K.M.E.S. & welcome you to our door to success.
Mr. Aslam Fakih

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